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About Takeda

Alessandra Di Bacco, Ph.D.

Venture Partner

Dr. Di Bacco joined TVI in December 2018 and is based in Cambridge, MA (USA). She brings 26 years of life sciences research experience with 14 years of academic research and 12 years of industry experience. She has broad, cross-therapeutic area research interest, and since joining Takeda in 2010, has specialized in oncology drug development, focusing on biomarker research and personalized medicine. Dr. Di Bacco has also held senior positions with marketing, medical affairs and market access organizations. She has established high caliber multidisciplinary translational medicine teams, led development of biomarker strategies from discovery through clinical development phases till successful filing and approval of the product. She was also involved in defining direction and tactics from unmet medical needs, to data gaps and brand plans, and coordinated medical activities for the launch of an oncology product and worked with teams in Europe on reimbursement strategies. Externally Dr. Di Bacco represented Takeda in the interdisciplinary i2TEAMM - which includes academics, technology companies, pharma and regulatory agencies representatives - working together to establish the measurement of Minimal Residual Disease as an intermediate endpoint for clinical trial registration in Multiple Myeloma. She also represented Takeda at the Foundation for the National Institutes of Health (FNIH) working together with its partners to accelerate biomedical research and strategies to fight against diseases.

Prior to joining Takeda, Dr. Di Bacco held scientific positions with Merck, the European Institute of Oncology and the Italian National Research Council. She has published 30+ papers in peer-reviewed journals, was an invited speaker at several scientific congresses, including ASH, and was a guest lecture for the Master of Medical Sciences in Clinical Investigation Course at Harvard Medical School in 2018 and 2019. Dr. Di Bacco holds a B.Sc. in Biology from the university of Milan (Italy), a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the University of Cork (Ireland) and trained as postdoc at Harvard Medical School in the pathology department.