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TVI Portfolio

TVI Portfolio

ArmaGen, Inc (CA, USA). has developed a receptor transcytosis "Trojan Horse" technology platform enabling non-invasive delivery of biotherapeutics across the blood-brain barrier. The company is initially focusing on treatment of lysosomal storage diseases, where CNS involvement cannot be addressed by current standards of care.


Avidity Biosciences

Avidity Biosciences is a privately held biotech company pioneering a new class of precision medicines - Antibody-siRNA Conjugates (ASCTM) - which combine the strengths of monoclonal antibodies and siRNA-based therapeutics. Avidity Biosciences is working with partners to discover best-in-class drug candidates against important undrugged therapeutic targets. Avidity has entered research collaborations with leading biopharma companies and are actively seeking additional partnerships. Avidity has raised $25 million in venture financing from a top- tier group of sophisticated healthcare investors.


BiomX (Ness Ziona, Israel) has been discovering and developing innovative microbiome-based therapeutics to prevent and treat cancer, IBD, and skin disorders that stem from microbiome dysbiosis. The Company's microbiome modulation platform uses cutting-edge science, research, and licensed technology created by its founders, Professor Rotem Sorek, Ph.D., and Dr. Eran Elinav, M.D./Ph.D., both of The Weizmann Institute of Science; and Professor Timothy K. Lu, M.D./Ph.D., of The Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Investors in the Company include OrbiMed Israel Incubator LP, Johnson & Johnson Development Corporation Inc., Takeda Ventures, Inc., Seventure Partners, Mirae Asset Global Investments, and SBI. Microbiome is a new and fast-developing field at the junction of nutrition and pharmaceuticals. BiomX offers a complete solution ranging from target discovery to therapeutic compounds. We have unique capabilities to modulate the microbiome and address dysbiosis through adding or eradicating bacteria with both native phages and synthetic phage that we engineer.


CellCentric, Ltd. (Cambridge, UK) has established a network of exclusive relationships with more than 20 of the world's leading laboratories working in epigenetics. The company continues to build and manage a portfolio of novel targets, screens and hit compounds important in the modulation of epigenetic phenomena, preparing them for full scale pharmaceutical development.


Domainex, Ltd (Cambridge, UK) is an integrated contract research company leveraging its proprietary Combinational Domain Hunting (CDH) technology platform to clone and express challenging genes that can then be subject to assay development and structure-based drug design. CDH identifies segments of a target gene that express high yields of protein constructs which are correctly folded, stable and soluble, providing access to high-quality recombinant protein displaying functional domains of the target.


Encycle Therapeutics, Inc. (ON, Canada) is pioneering the development of nacellins, small cyclic peptidomimetics with the potential to be novel, membrane permeable modalities for a variety of therapeutic indications.


Juventas Therapeutics

Hookipa Biotech (Vienna, Austria) is a clinical stage company developing next-generation immunotherapies for infectious diseases and cancer using novel proprietary arenavirus vector platforms.

Hookipa's TheraT® and Vaxwave® platforms have shown promising abilities to elicit high neutralizing antibody responses, but also necessary levels of T cell responses, currently missing in most vaccine and therapeutic approaches. Hookipa's vectors are not impeded by vector-neutralizing antibodies and can be administered repeatedly, providing even greater immune protection. Levels of specific T cells generated by TheraT® are unprecedented in the field and have the potential to transform active immune-therapy in cancers.

Hookipa has completed the active phase of a Phase 1 trial of a Vaxwave®-based vaccine against cytomegalovirus (CMV) and is finalizing clinical development plans for TheraT® in Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)- related head and neck cancers.


Juventas Therapeutics

Juventas Therapeutics, Inc. (OH, USA) is focused on developing novel non-cell based regenerative therapies for the treatment of cardiovascular disease. The company's lead product is JVS-100, a non-viral, naked plasmid DNA encoding Stromal-cell Derived Factor 1 (SDF-1). When injected into damaged tissue, JVS-100 recruits the body's own stem cells to the damaged region, prevents cell death and promotes new blood vessel growth. Juventas is developing JVS-100 for advanced heart failure and peripheral vascular diseases such as critical limb ischemia.


NGM Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. (CA, USA) is dedicated to the discovery and development of transformational medicines. Relying on human clinical and genetic observations, the Company has established a unique research and discovery platform to identify and validate novel targets and factors that impact the underlying etiology of metabolic diseases. Using this integrated approach NGM is generating a pipeline of new drug candidates as novel treatments for diseases such as diabetes, obesity, muscle wasting and cardiovascular disease.


OrphoMed, Inc. (CA, USA) is a biopharmaceutical company focused on the development and commercialization of novel first in class therapeutic dimer conjugates based on its proprietary DIMERx™ platform technology. The company is leveraging DIMERx™ to address the issues of visceral hypersensitivity and hypermotility in functional gastrointestinal disorders. OrphoMed also has active programs for the treatment of peripheral neuropathic pain and systemic nociceptive pain.


Presage Biosciences, Inc. (WA, USA) is an oncology company pioneering the ability to evaluate novel drug and drug combinations throughout different regions of a solid tumor while still in its native microenvironment in the patient.


Symphogen A/S (Copenhagen, Denmark) is an innovative Danish biotechnology company pioneering the development of recombinant human polyclonal antibodies for the treatment and prevention of human diseases including inflammatory diseases and cancer. Symphogen's therapeutic antibodies - Symphobodies - mimic the diversity, affinity, and specificity of the human immune response and are therefore expected to offer advantages over current immunoglobulin and monoclonal antibody therapies.


Univercells S/A. (Bruxells, Belgium) uses cutting-edge, continuous manufacturing technologies and process integration to deliver autonomous biomanufacturing capabilities with significantly reduced cost of goods.


VHsquared is a Cambridge, UK-based clinical stage company focused on transformational oral biologics - Vorabodies™ - for inflammatory bowel disease. Vorabodies™ are oral gut-restricted domain antibodies targeting local immuno-inflammatory targets in the GI tract.



Previous Investments

Naurex, Inc. (IL, USA). Naurex, Inc. was acquired by Allergan plc, July 2015


Heptares Therapeutics

Heptares Therapeutics, Ltd. was acquired by Sosei Group Corporation, February 2015


Xenon Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (BC, Canada): Closed an Initial Public Offering November 2014 [NASDAQ: XENE]


Redwood Bioscience, Inc. was acquired by Catalent Pharma Solutions, October 2014


Adamas Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (CA, USA): Closed an Initial Public Offering April 2014 [NASDAQ: ADMS]


Fate Therapeutics, Inc. (CA, USA): Closed an Initial Public Offering October 2013 [NASDAQ: FATE]


Envoy Therapeutics, Inc. was acquired by Takeda, November 2012


Lectus Therapeutics' assets were acquired by UCB Pharma, November 2011


Curidium Medica Plc (CUR:LSE) acquired by Avacta Group Plc, March 2009


Receptor Biologix, Inc. was acquired by Symphogen A/B, December 2008


Serenex, Inc. was acquired by Pfizer, April 2008


Patrys, Ltd. (Melbourne, Australia): Closed Initial Public Offering July 2007 [ASX: PAB]