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Working with TVI

Working with TVI

TVI invests in a wide range of product and enabling technology opportunities worldwide, and offers several advantages as a preferred investment partner:

Investment Scope

TVI seeks investments and discovery collaborations worldwide. Our strategic investment mandate means that while we will consider product, target and technology opportunities at any stage, our focus is on start-up/seed rounds, through mid-stage financings. We consider follow-on rounds of investment where they assist in driving promising projects to fruition, and strategic alignment of the investment remains true.

Long-Term Horizon

TVI takes a longer-term view of its investments, preferring to see returns in the form of products, technologies or targets to complement and extend Takeda's own R&D activities. With deep connections into Takeda’s global research and development centers, TVI is ideally placed to nurture innovative pharmaceutical companies and to connect these into the Takeda organization. . This means that TVI is able to contribute additional non-dilutive resources that can increase the probability of successful product and business development.

Capacity and Reach of a Global Company

Our parent company, TPC, is the largest pharmaceutical company in Japan and among the leaders in the world. This enables us to provide our portfolio companies with access to a global pharmaceutical environment through TPC's multinational research, development and marketing capabilities, and the company's extensive network of collaborations.


TVI not only seeks venture investment opportunities, it also facilitates preclinical therapeutic discovery alliances. Opportunities that do not fit TVI's investment parameters, but are of scientific interest to TPC, are evaluated as potential strategic alliance and/or research collaborations and if appropriate, introduced to Takeda’s Pharmaceutical Research and Business Development Divisions.

Respect for Autonomy

TVI respects the autonomy of the institutions it invests in, and will usually seek passive investment terms, providing strategic management input only when requested. However, TVI will require board observer rights and will usually request scientific review rights when appropriate.